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A Gadol in Our Midst

A Gadol in Our Midst for web

by Rabbi Shmuel Assayag

Our generation was blessed with the opportunity to behold one of the greatest American Torah figures in history, Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, zt”l.

Transforming himself from a baseball-playing New York youth to a revered rosh yeshivah among the elite heads of Torah Jewry, he demonstrated by personal example what a person can become when he dedicates himself toward pure Torah learning.

Yet, with all of his greatness, he didn’t become aloof; he was always available—with his trademark smile—for every Jew who sought his p’sak, advice or encouragement.

Thanks to his close talmid, Rabbi Shmuel Assayag, Rav Scheinberg’s precious legacy has been preserved with this collection of enriching anecdotes, advice and piskei halachah. Covering a wide range of topics ­from guidance on proper conduct in yeshivah, interpersonal relationships and raising children, to practical rulings on common halachic queries, A Gadol in Our Midst will treat readers to a glimpse into the great personality of this Gadol and his balanced approach to halachah and life.

Hardcover | 6 x 9″ |  304 pages | ISBN 9789657599105

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