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Meet Jewish eBooks

Torah Temimah Publications is proud to partner with Jewish eBooks, the acknowledged leader of the Jewish digital market, by making its titles available in ebook format.

We hereby present several consumer-minded questions and answers in order to provide you with a better understanding of this new venture and innovation in Jewish media. The questions were prepared by Rabbi Eliyahu Miller, Publisher and General Editor of Torah Temimah Publications, and answered by Rabbi Yosef Levy, CEO of Jewish eBooks.

1. How long has Jewish eBooks been operating?

I started the business two and a half years ago. Since then I have expanded to include two separate sites—one in English and one in Hebrew, and created partnerships with dozens of publishers and authors.  Now I even have a selection of popular e-magazines.

2. Why did you decide to start Jewish eBooks?

I used to lecture for Arachim, which is the largest kiruv organization in Israel. After meeting so many Jews from all walks of life, I realized that Torah literature is not readily available to those who are not from cities with large Jewish communities. I, therefore, decided to try to amend that.

3.  Do you have books on all subjects or only certain topics?

We filter all books to make sure that all content is clean and kosher, but we offer books on all subjects, for all different sects and in a variety of languages.

4. Does any company have a larger collection of ebooks on Torah subjects than you?

We are the only site dedicated exclusively to Jewish ebooks with such an extensive collection.

5. What is the benefit in purchasing literature as ebooks rather than printed books?

First of all, ebooks are half the price of printed books. Second, they are instantly available. The last benefit is that with ebooks, you can easily carry around your whole library wherever you go.

6. This is a pretty new concept for the frum world. What has the response been like?

There are a lot of people that are very excited about this concept. They are excited to move forward and change the way we experience literature. I think the most excitement has been among kiruv rabbis in locations with small Jewish populations. They now have a way to recommend and procure any Jewish book that they would like for their audience. Some who were highly skeptical about Jewish eBooks are now some of our biggest customers after realizing how great it is to have all of their literature on one device.

7. This company seems like it has been a sort of journey for you. Have you encountered any surprises along the way?

I always recommend open communication with my subscribers. As the company has expanded and flourished, I received feedback from people all over the world including Turkey, Brazil, Japan and Italy. They expressed the need for not only online Jewish literature but Jewish lectures as well. Since then I have expanded the company to also include online workshops with top Torah lecturers.

8. What equipment do I need in order to purchase an ebook?

A tablet of some sort is the best, but you can also read them on laptops and desktops.

9. Do I need Internet access?

In order to access our site and purchase the book you do need to use the internet. Once the book is downloaded, you do not need the internet to read it — it is yours to be read whenever you want.

10. Since I cannot use the ebook reader on Shabbos, is there any way to print out parts of it before Shabbos to read on Shabbos?

You can print it out, but it’s not a great option. People who choose ebooks are primarily those that are looking to access their books when they are on the go.

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