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More than just a professional means of printing books, Torah Temimah is a publisher with a mission: as a dynamic, new company, we aim to upgrade the Jewish publishing model, employing only the most talented writers and editors while implementing the best current business practices to regulate expenses.

Please enjoy perusing our “News and Views” newsletters, written by our own publisher and general editor, Rabbi Eliyahu Miller.

In these satisfying literary bytes—written with his trademark candor and clarity— Rabbi Miller shares invaluable insights, illuminating opinions and interesting facts, offering readers a firsthand glimpse into the ins-and-outs of the Jewish publishing world in general and Torah Temimah in particular.

Covering topics like Torah Temimah’s upcoming projects and developments, as well as general writing issues such as choosing correct styles or dealing with hashkafic dilemmas that crop up, Rabbi Miller sheds light on the real challenges of today’s publishing world, offering innovative perspectives and creative solutions.

Issue #1 – Iyar 5772 / May 2012
Is This the Right Time to Start a New Jewish Publishing House?

Issue #2 – Av 5772 / August 2012
Our “Win-Win” Policy

Issue #3 – Cheshvan 5773 / November 2012
Behind the Scenes: An interview with Illustrator Shiri Cohen

Issue #4 – Shevat 5773 / January 2013
Our First Anniversary

Issue #5 – Tammuz 5773 / June 2013
The Future of Frum Publishing

Issue #6 – Elul 5773 / August 2013
Is it Right to Write?

Issue #7 – Cheshvan 5774 / October 2013
Preview of Chanukah Releases

Issue #8 – Adar I 5774 / February 2014
Two Tales of Cities

Issue #9 – Sivan 5774 / June 2014
It’s Time to Publish Your Own Sefer

Issue #10 – Elul 5774 / September 2014
A Great Gadol Book

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