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Producer of fine Jewish literature, Torah Temimah Publications is a publisher with soul—and we take pride in maintaining the highest standards of literary and religious excellence.

Featuring an exceptionally professional staff with extensive experience in the publishing world, our mission is to provide Jewish booklovers with quality Torah content and a genuinely satisfying reading experience. To this end, we work diligently to recruit the most creative and gifted authors, pairing compelling and important ideas with the talent that can bring them vividly to life.

In today’s publishing climate, where print sales are consistently on the decline, partners have become an integral part of the book production experience. Torah Temimah welcomes correspondence from individuals or families who would like to propose an idea and actively partake in the publishing process. Whether as a merit for a departed loved one, or stemming from an idealistic desire to bring Jewish readers worldwide invaluable information, wholesome entertainment, outstanding prose, or essential resources, Torah Temimah embraces your participation.

We look forward to working with you—and bringing your dream to fruition.

For more information about partnerships, or to propose an idea, please contact: info@torahtemimah.com

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