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Welcome to Torah Temimah Publications’ sefarim publication department. In this Hebrew-language division, we offer you the same high-quality service for publishing your sefer as we do for our English-language books.

Here is a brief description of what our service is about (for details, see the FAQs tab).

When a person decides he wants to publish his manuscript as a sefer, where does he turn? What steps should he take?

There are two approaches. One is to conduct his own research by inquiring what others have done and to use their experience as his guideline. In essence, he is self-publishing, in the most literal sense. He is hiring, directing, and overseeing his own team to do the various jobs for him, according to his specifications.

The other approach is to hire someone to manage the project in coordination with himself; I call this “cooperative publishing.” With this approach he won’t have to spend so much time researching whom to hire, instructing them, and following up on their progress. Instead, he will have an experienced, private manager to consult, who will implement all aspects of the project from beginning to end, to the author’s satisfaction.

My experience is that the latter approach pays off in many ways. Although publishing might appear to be a simple matter, it actually involves hundreds of details. Someone without experience is bound to face setbacks along the way and wind up with errors in the final product.

Furthermore, the novice is likely to overpay for some jobs and to commission other work done that turns out to be unnecessary. It comes out, therefore, that hiring a reliable manager doesn’t increase the expense of the publication but rather makes the whole process more efficient and appreciably raises the quality of the final product.

At Torah Temimah Publications we believe that your sefer deserves excellence, and we will be proud to work with you to achieve that goal.

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