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It’s All in the Angle

by Rabbi Avi Shafran

Take a glimpse of life and its challenges through the sharp lens of the Torah. Like a breath of fresh air, the author presents his articulate and logical perspectives on issues such as tradition, morality, science and anti-Semitism…in classic Shafran style.

From Buffalo Burgers to Monetary Mysteries

by Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff

Take an incredible journey through the living sea of halachah. The author will guide you through a wide variety of fascinating, authentic scenarios by blending classic Torah knowledge with his characteristic wit and humor. Just right for the scholar and layman alike.

Izzy and Ezzy and the Winning Play

by Shani Brown

Meet playful Izzy, studious Ezzy and Rav Gold, a neighborhood rav with a knack for connecting tales of our sages to real-life situations.

Izzy and Ezzy Enjoy a Snow Day

by Shani Brown

In this episode, the boys frolic in the snow by sledding, throwing snowballs and building a snowman. They meet the friendly neighborhood rav who shows them how to really enjoy a snow day by making it a lasting experience.

Prime Suspect

by Dovid Sussman

Michael Wallin is thrown into turmoil by the sudden murder of his wealthy father, Leo. As prime suspect in the police investigation, Michael is forced to face some heartfelt truths. This is a masterpiece of drama that will keep you riveted until its shocking conclusion.

Let’s Stay Pure

by Bracha Goetz

Once again, Bracha Goetz’s upbeat style and unique talent shine through in this adorable new book. In her charming manner, she provides the tools that youngsters need to nurture and protect the pure neshamos (souls) with which they entered this world.


by Rochel Burstyn

An assortment of delicious stories about life’s challenges. Every single day of our lives we are confronted with choices. Big ones, little ones and medium-sized ones. Many times we don’t even realize we’re making them. Other times we need help making the right ones.


by Chaya Sara Ben Shachar

Do you have a story to share? Jewish teenagers worldwide answered this call in droves, embracing a groundbreaking international writing challenge. From Boro Park to Los Angeles, Gateshead to Jerusalem, girls from across the globe put their best works forward, forming a mosaic of powerful teen voices.


by Sarah Feldbrand

A compelling historical novel set in tumultuous times, Esperanza is the riveting tale of the struggles of a father and daughter to triumph over the extreme adversity that so many Jews faced in the shadow of the Inquisition.

Ari’s Extremely Important Mission

by Levi Goldstein

Sixth-grade class leader at Yeshivas Toras Emes, popular Ari Perlstein always had some excitement up his sleeve. But one fine day Ari discovers he’s been chosen for his most exciting—and most important—mission yet….one that he cannot afford to fail.

A Gadol in Our Midst

by Rabbi Shmuel Assayag

A Gadol in Our Midst

Our generation was blessed with the opportunity to behold one of the greatest American Torah figures in history, Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, zt”l. Transforming himself from a baseball-playing New York youth to a revered rosh yeshivah among the elite heads of Torah Jewry, he demonstrated by personal example what a person can become when he dedicates himself toward pure Torah learning.

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