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Kollel Torah Temimah is an initiative to engender the transformation of avreichim into talmidei chachamim. The kollel is geared to avreichim who are very dedicated, are already learning on a high level, and are looking for an opportunity to reach new heights in their learning.

Our approach is to learn b’iyun all day, continuing in the afternoon where we left off in the morning. This fosters a great attachment to the material covered. Although learning b’iyunis generally understood to mean learning very slowly, we have seen that in the right environment and with the aforementioned attachment to the learning it can be done both in-depth and at a healthy pace. 

The kollel will be finishing the masechta from cover to cover, and Bezras Hashem the avreichim will know entire masechtos b’iyun. The kollel will push the avreichim to maximize their abilities by including longer sedarim, monthly tests, and mandatory written or oral chaburas. The rosh kollel, Rav Mordechai Linzer, will also work with each avreich individually to further their learning and clarify their derech halimud. Our goal is to produce roshei yeshiva and maggidei shiur for the next generation who are true talmedi chachamim.

The rosh kollel has taught numerous avreichim to learn using this method, and they attest to reaching new heights in their learning. Rav Linzer has also published five sefarim based on this method of learning which have been highly praised by well-known roshei yeshiva and talmidei chachamim.  Avreichim in Torah Temimah attest that they are learning better than ever before.

Numerous talmidei chachamim were consulted about this kollel, and they strongly support it and feel that it is an exceptional opportunity. These include Rav Asher Arielli Shlit”a, Rav Meir Stern Shlit”a, and Rav Aron Lopiansky Shlit”a.

Avreichim receive a stipend of $1,000 a month, more than the typical stipend. This is intended to cover things like extra child care and the like, so that the avreichim are able to more fully invest themselves in their learning.  The kollel currently has twelve avreichim, with plans to grow as time goes on. 

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